Glam Xpress® Adhesive Eyeliner & Lashes Tips & Tricks

Tired of hard-to-follow tutorials and lost time struggling to perfect your eyeliner, just to ruin it with your lash glue? Those days are now history!

How to Apply Glam by Manicare Lashes

Makeup Tutorials

How to Apply Lashes

Not sure how to apply lashes with glue? Confused about how our magnetising eyeliner + lash system works? Watch the process in action.


Makeup Tutorials

Pia's Makeup Tips & Tricks

Our Glambassador, Pia Muehlenbeck shows you all the hot tips & tricks on how to use our Glam by Manicare brushes and lashes.


Sonic Mini

Can the Sonic Mini® help achieve cleaner, brighter and healthier skin?

An independent clinical study found that the Sonic Mini® is 5x more effective than washing the face with hands alone.^