Glam By Manicare® Professional Cosmetic Brush Series - Revolutionary nano bristles for superior application.Glam By Manicare® Professional Cosmetic Brush Series - Revolutionary nano bristles for superior application.

Glam By Manicare® Professional Cosmetic Brushes

The Glam By Manicare® Pro series is inspired by professional makeup artists with a passion for quality tools that deliver expert results. This series is designed for flawless application thanks to the revolutionary NANO bristles for ultimate softness and superior performance. Each cruelty-free brush is designed to absorb less product, resulting in smooth and even application and less make-up waste over time.

Blend with F1. Blending Foundation Brush


F1. Blending Foundation Brush

It's all about the base. The Glam Pro F1. Blending Foundation Brush has densely packed ultra-soft NANO bristles which are designed to blend foundation flawlessly with minimal product absorption for an airbrushed, expert finish.

To apply: Apply liquid or cream foundation in circular motions all over the face with the brush, then finish with dabbing motions for a seamless and streak-free result. If you need to, it’s also perfect for buffing in pressed powders after your liquid products.

Beauty tips & tricks: This is a dual-fibre blending brush, so it's designed to sheer out full coverage foundation for a natural, dewy look, but it can also build up your base into full coverage for those days you need to cover up blemishes or pigmentation.

F1. Blending Foundation Brush


S1. Sculpting Brush

I came, I saw, I contoured. This is the ultimate brush to define and enhance your natural features by adding bone structure using bronzer or darker shades. The Glam Pro S1. Sculpting Brush has curved ultra-soft NANO bristles which are uniquely designed to adapt to facial contours for a professional finish.

To apply: Glide the brush under the cheekbones towards the tip of the nose, then lightly apply remaining colour on the brush under the jaw, along the hairline and on the sides of your nose - then blend blend blend. It can be used with powders or creams!

Beauty tips & tricks: Suck in your cheeks as you apply for the most natural way to define your cheekbones. To achieve a more natural contour, we'd suggest going only two shades darker than your natural colour.

Contour with S1. Sculpting Brush

Build application with P1. Setting Powder Brush


P1. Setting Powder Brush

Set the stage. The Glam Pro P1. Setting Powder Brush has flat, dome-shaped NANO bristles which are designed to easily glide under the eyes for a buildable application using loose and pressed powder-based products.

To apply: Press the brush onto the powder and gently flick the brush or tap against the side of the pot to remove any excess product. Use gentle sweeping motions for lighter coverage to set under your eyes as well as on cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. You can also use dot and release motions to build coverage and mattify areas prone to oiliness.

Beauty tips & tricks: The dome shape of this brush is perfect for baking under the eyes by applying translucent powder to set foundation and concealer underneath eyes and then lightly dusting off. Setting powder is an essential for oily t-zones and ensuring that your make-up stays in place all day.

Build application with P1. Setting Powder Brush


Glam Pro H1. Highlighter Brush

You glow girl. Highlight, strobe and add a luminous glow to your make-up look with the Glam Pro H1. Highlighter Brush. It features tapered flame-shaped, ultra-soft NANO bristles for easy application of luminous accents to the high points of your face.

To apply: Sweep highlighter on areas where light would naturally hit it including the tops of cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, your cupid's bow (the dip at the top of your lip) and underneath the brow. Blend softly for a natural, dewy finish.

Beauty tips & tricks: Cream and liquid highlighters are best for dry skin and powder highlighters are better for oily skin - but both products can be used with the Glam Pro H1. Highlighter Brush. You can also apply highlighter to the corners of your eyes to really make your eyes pop.

Highlight with Glam Pro H1. Highlighter Brush

Clean with Glam Pro Instant Brush Sanitiser


Keep it clean. Save your brushes from germs and a build-up of make-up in one smooth, quick and easy step with the Glam Pro Instant Brush Sanitiser. It's a quick-dry antibacterial spray that instantly sanitises brushes in between use, strips away oil and gets rid of any product build-up... all-in-one. It eliminates 99.9% germs instantly for better skin hygiene.

To apply: Spray the sanitiser directly onto the brush head and then sweep over a tissue or towel until bristles are clean. There's absolutely no need to rinse, just let the brush air dry for 1-2 minutes before using.

Beauty tips & tricks: This multi-purpose professional spray helps to prevent skin breakouts whilst prolonging the life of your brushes. It also makes sure you always have a flawless makeup application every single time and improved brush performance so it feels like you're using brand new brushes each time you do your make-up. We'd suggest using this spray after each use of your brushes to prevent contamination.

Clean with Glam Pro Instant Brush Sanitiser