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Treat yourself to a facial massage with the Manicare® dermaSOOTHE massage globe.



Erase-It! Makeup Remover vs. Beauty Heaven Trial

The Erase-It! Towel was put to the Makeup Remover test and scored a 4.5/5 star rating!

Soothed, smooth and just so soft... I could really notice the difference - beautyheaven trial member sootyblack_14


Hand, Body & Feet

Manicare pediPRO Range Rated 5 Stars

We put our new pediPRO footcare range to the Beauty Heaven test and scored a 5/5 star rating!

I like that it transformed my feet and was easy to use - beauty heaven trial team member kc46

Manicare Sonic Mini Beautyheaven Reviews

Sonic Mini

Manicare Sonic Mini® Beauty Heaven Reviews

We decided to put our Sonic Mini® facial cleansing brush to the test and find out whether the beautyheaven members rate our facial cleansing brush. See how we scored.

My skin felt amazingly smooth and clean when using this device. – beautyheaven trial member sparrow x